Mercer Ave HomeWhereas Gleanngay had its beginnings in Hartsdale New York, it soon began to lead a rather nomadic existence.  From this very English Norman-style home to a large country farm house on Cold Spring Road in Williamstown, Mass to a contemporary home on Bee Hill Road, high on a hill overlooking this charming college town, to a modest bungalow situated in a wooded area of Bucks County, PA.  I was Gay Sherman then. It was here that Annie Sullivan’s famous grandson, Ch Gleanngay Holliday ("Doc") grew up.



Doc is pictured here at 10 months of age.Doc at 10 Mos

In 1985 Gleanngay pulled up stakes and trekked across the country to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  And although we moved several times, Santa Fe remained our home for twenty years.

Bucks Co Abode
A view from the front door of our Bucks Co home,
where we lived from 1977 to 1985.
Gay and Doc Gay and Pup
Doc and Gay, Santa Fe NM, 1985. I did my hair and Bob LaRouech groomed Doc, both at Bob's suggestion!
Loving up a puppy before sending
him off to his new home!
Village Lane

Pictured above is our most beloved home in Santa Fe, which we left in 2005. Gilbert AZ was home for the next 7 years and where my final litters were born and raised. I was a "California Girl" from 2012 until May of 2021 and now reside in Colorado. I am no longer breeding but remain involved with and passionate about the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, and will until until the day I leave this earthly plane!