AND NOW FOR MY DOGS...The pictures that follow are of some of my most formidable dogs, either as producers or because they were pleasing in make and shape, often both.

Foremost of course was Ch Gleanngay Holliday, ROM ("Doc"). I knew almost from the beginning that he would be special.  Even before he could stand I noticed that his head looked almost too big for his body.  Early on Doc wore the “blue” collar signifying that he would probably be my pick male.  My litters are always color-coded and I put a question mark next to the color blue on the weight chart, probably more out of wishful thinking than knowledge, indicating that I wasn’t certain about how his coat would turn out.  In those early days, for me anyway, coat was not a primary concern and I felt we had a long way to go with outline and structure.  Coat could come later.

Doc Pastel Feathered"Doc" (April 8, 1977-December 28, 1992) was close to 16 years of age when he died.  He was used at stud for the first time when he was under a year of age and sired his last litter when he was 15. In 1993, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America prepared a champion line of descendency based on him, extending through December of 1992. The title page of this document states, “At this time there are a total of 1,124 individual Wheatens that carry “Doc” at least one time in their pedigree, with approximately forty percent of them being double or triple descendents... ‘Doc’ is truly a watershed for the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier as hardly a Wheaten Terrier is finished today that is not his descendent.  The influence of this special Wheaten is not to be underestimated in the showring or the whelping box!” 

The pastel of "Doc" on the right was lovingly done by Marjorie Shoemaker. Unfortunately, the original was stolen from my car shortly after spending a fortune to have it matted and framed. Thankfully I had a professional photographer take this picture before delivering it to the framer.

Some Prominent Gleanngay Dogs
Duster Mac Wheeler Wag
Ch Gleanngay Gather Moon Dust, ROM Ch Gleanngay Medicine Man Ch Gleanngay Medicine Wheel, ROM Ch Gleanngy Waggin Wheel, ROM
Rejoice Rave On Dhu'n Berry HenryB
Ch Gleanngay Rejoice Ch Gleanngay Rave On Ch Gleanngay Dhu'n Berry Ch Gleanngay Henry Buttons
Raker Moondance Waggedy Andy Hank
Ch Gleanngay Motown Moonraker Ch Gleanngay Motown Moondance Ch Gleanngay Waggedy Andy Ch Gleanngay Watch My Dust
Hamish Rebel TIger Dickens
Ch Gleanngay Rebel Rouser Ch Gleanngay Rebel With A Cause Ch Gleanngay Tiger Eye Ch Gleanngay Daring Display, ROM
And here are the girls...
Moonbeam Isis Feather Sissy
Ch Gleanngay Gather Moonbeams Ch Gleanngay New Moon Dance Tune Ch Gleanngay Feather Duster Ch Gleanngay Sister Moon
Marigold Magnolia MoonFlower Bow
Ch Gleanngay Moon Marigold Ch GLeanngay Motown Magnolia Ch Gleanngay Motown Moonflower Ch Gleanngay Moonbow
HollyBerry Elderberry Juney Waggedy Ann
Ch Gleanngay Holly Berry Ch Gleanngay Elderberry Ch Gleanngay Juniper Berry Ch Gleanngay Waggedy Ann
Diva Misty Arf'N Annie Maizy
Ch Gleangay Diamond Drop Ch Gleanngay Daydream Ch Gleanngay Arf'N Annie Ch Gleanngay Keep The Faith, VCD2 UD RA
Fast forward to relatively recent days, thanks to the miracles of modern science, my breeding program became based upon a Doc daughter bred by Emily Holden, Amaden Gleangay Dr Quinn, “Mikaela” was a “pupscicle”, Doc’s frozen semen surgically implanted into an Irish import bitch, Briankeen Sorcha, in 1996. Mikaela was my pick of the litter, Irish-coated and never shown -  not because she wasn’t worthy but because back then showing Irish coats was a thankless job.  She turned 15 years old on September 9, 2011 and is thriving. Click on her name to see pictures of her from puppyhood on.
The following dogs and bitches descend down through Mikaela to Doc...
Boot Mack Lola Flossie
Ch Gleanngay Boot Scootin Cowboy – "Boot" Ch Glenamon Gleanngay He's Key 2 Me – "Mac" Ch Gleanngay Millicent – "Lola" Ch Gleanngay Mill On The Floss – "Flossie"
Tilly Tessa Zoe Wink
Ch Gleanngay Quintilian – "Tilly" Ch Gleanngay Quintessa – "Tessa" Ch Gleanngay Til There Wazoo – "Zoe" Ch Gleanngay Tilde Wink – "Wink"
Dillon KC Ninianne Paddy
Gleanngay Hullabloo Square One, RN OA MXJ XF – "Dillon" GCh Gleanngay Legend Of The Grail – "KC" GCh Gleanngay Lady Of The Lake – "Ninianne" Ch Lochlinear Gleanngay Quickasawink – "Paddy"
Bode Ben Ruby Miles
Ch Gleanngay Last Hooray – "Bode" Ch Gleanngay Who's Your Daddy – "Ben" Ch Gleanngay Daddy's Sugar – "Ruby" GCh Gleanngay Runaway – "Miles"
GCh Lochlinear Gleanngay Cha Ching – "Chip" GCh Legacy Gleanngay Cyd Charisse – Charisse GCh Legacy Gleanngay At Bonney –Aiden

To see some of our puppies click here Puppy face